Tips for Infection Prevention at Home and How CNAs Help

Tips for Infection Prevention at Home and How CNAs Help

Viruses and bacteria thrive anywhere around us. When our body is not strong enough to fight them, we can get infected, which results in interference in our daily and normal functions. Diseases caused by bacteria are also life-threatening. Hence, protecting our body from bacterial infection is a fundamental aspect of living so we can continue to be productive and unhindered by diseases.

Infection prevention becomes an even urgent task at home when we have vulnerable family members or sick loved ones. Children and the elderly are easily prone to getting infected. When we are taking care of these loved ones at home, we need to implement steps to infection control so that we can protect our home from infection.

In many cases, tapping the help of CNAs or certified nursing assistants in Texas is an effective method for family members to be able to maintain infection prevention especially when they are also taking care of vulnerable family members. With supervision and assistance from CNAs, we can carry out infection control effectively. Consider the following steps involved to prevent infection at home:

  • Always wash your hands.
    Because bacteria and viruses can be easily passed forward to the next person through the hands, we need to maintain cleanliness by washing these regularly. A well-trained CNA can help your ailing loved one to administer infection control through quality handwashing.
  • Cover the mouth and nose whenever you’re coughing.
    However, while we can easily do this, our sick family members cannot. CNAs will be there to supervise them on these moments so infection can’t be passed around. Therefore, your CNA should be well-taught from the CNA training programs in Texas to correctly carry out their roles.
  • Wash and dress wounds properly.
    It can be especially risky for our vulnerable family members when they get injured. Infection can easily seep in through these skin openings. For this reason, proper wound dressing has to be practiced. Highly qualified CNAs can take charge of these tasks so that your family is protected from infection.
  • Avoid sharing dishes with ailing loved ones at home.
    This can be another sneaky way for bacteria to be moved from one person to the next. Instead, when a family member gets sick, they should have their own utensils and should be assisted by CNAs.
  • Observe food safety as this can be another trigger to move bacteria around.
    The food we eat can introduce microbes and bacteria when they are not cleaned or cooked properly. Be mindful of healthy food preparations to prevent food-borne infections.

If you’re tapping the help of CNAs to help you promote quality infection control at home, ensure that they are adequately trained. If you would also want to become a CNA yourself, you’re free to enroll in a nursing assistant training in Sherman, Texas so that you can be at the forefront of caring for your family members. At Malixi Health Training Services, you have reliable help in becoming a skilled CNA.

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