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Tips for Infection Prevention at Home and How CNAs Help

Viruses and bacteria thrive anywhere around us. When our body is not strong enough to fight them, we can get infected, which results in interference in our daily and normal functions. Diseases caused by bacteria are also life-threatening. Hence, protecting our body from bacterial infection is a fundamental aspect of living so we can continue … Continue reading

Preventing Diabetes and Heart Disease

Human beings are not meant to go through life alone; we are meant to participate in the community and help friends and even other individuals we consider strangers. Malixi Health Training Services can help you achieve your goal to assist those who are sick and in need. We offer nursing assistant training in Sherman, Texas. … Continue reading

7 Pointers in Providing Superior Nursing Care to Your Future Patients

Even though you are still in training, you already need to keep these pointers in mind: Undergo training. Before you can even start practicing as a certified nursing assistant, you first need to undergo nursing assistant training in Sherman, Texas. Through this training, you can gain knowledge of the proper techniques and strategies on how … Continue reading