Nursing Assistants and Their Role in Health Promotion

Nursing Assistants and Their Role in Health Promotion

As a certified nursing assistant in Texas, you are responsible for promoting preventive health care. By doing so, you ensure the safety and improve the well-being of the community. This is why we are here to help provide you with the necessary information about preventive health care in order to ace your duty as a nurse.

Malixi Health Training Services understands that you have a vital role in the health care sector and in health promotion. Because of that, we are providing you our expert tips and hacks below.

The Golden Rule: Self-Care

For you to efficiently carry out your job, you need to put yourself first. You must learn to primarily take care of your health for you to support others better. See, when we used up our strength and energy, we can no longer help others. So, always remember to nurture yourself before other people.

5 Essential Preventive Health Tips

As a nursing assistant, the list below consists of simple ways you can promote preventive health care:

  1. Encourage your patients to go for a walk.
    A 30-minute walk a day is a huge leap to help lessen a person’s diabetes and improve their cardiovascular health. So, encourage your patient to do this activity daily.
  2. Remind them to take in vitamins.
    Vitamins are nutrients that our body needs. They make our bodies stronger, heal our wounds faster, and bolster our immune system. Given that, never forget to remind your patients to take their vitamins.
  3. Tell them to wash their hands.
    Keeping our hands clean is one of the important ways to stay healthy. Protect your patient from getting sick by telling them to always wash their hands.
  4. Remind them to eat well.
    As a nurse, you have to remind your patients to eat a well-balanced meal with a combination of go, grow, and glow foods. With this, you help them stay in good shape and protect them against chronic diseases.
  5. Let them get enough hours of sleep.
    Sleep affects our health. It allows us to boost our immune system, thus keeping us strong and well. However, when one does not get enough hours of sleep, they become weak and susceptible to diseases. To protect your patient’s physical and mental state, remind them to get enough quality of sleep. 6 to 7 hours of sleep is enough for adults.

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