You will need to pass the Texas State Certifying exam which you are eligible to take after completing your training with us.
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Texas State Certifying Exam

Are you ready to take the Texas State Certifying Exam?

Now that you have accomplished your clinical training, the next step in your healthcare career is to ace the certifying exam. This examination is conducted by an independent testing organization, which has full authority from the State of Texas.

The certifying exam comes in two phases.

The first phase measures the learning theories you’ve learned through a multiple-option question.

The second phase requires you to show practical skills how much of the nursing skills you’ve learned before an evaluator. The second phase is charged separately as it is dedicated solely to the practical exam.

To get you ready for your nurse certifying exam, enroll in our Certified Nurse Assistant Course. With our 10-week training, you can be as good as job-ready.